Coatings Lab

In Fall of 2019 Envirolast Coatings will release its all new Envirolast Coatings Lab ™, complete with computer driven tinting system


How the Envirolast Coatings Lab system works 

The concept is revolutionary yet simple. Instead of having pre-canned paints, our system provides you with specially formulated paint and stain “bases” in 15 gallon kegs. These are state of the art, ZVOC formulas, designed and rigorously tested to create high performance, beautiful coatings. By using both bases, you create a variety of interior and exterior paint and stain “products”. The kegs are easily shipped Nationwide, normally in one to three days.

At the heart of the system is the Envirolast HERO Coatings Lab, a small foot print, computer driven colorant and additive dispenser. To make a product, you choose the product and color desired on the included Tintwise software and dispense the specified base into pails of your own. The HERO machine does the rest! Labels are provided for labeling containers according the product you are making. You can make quarts, gallons, two gallon pails or five gallon pails. You can even make sample pints of any color in our system. You can also create and save your own colors in your library, just like a paint store color center does, but your own! 

All Envirolast “products” are pre-loaded into the Tintwise software system, controlled by any Windows 7 or newer computer. A laptop works fine for example. Once you choose the product you want, say a quart of NEX Wood Stain in “red cedar” color, you will pour off the needed concentrate mix as directed on the screen, then add the colorants and additives all automatically using the HERO machine. With the powerful software you can adjust the coatings in many ways, changing the colorant or adding specialty additive like our Beeswax+ or UV+. 

Once measured off and colored you simply stir with a stick (or cordless drill mixer) and you have your “product” for use by your team or for resale at profit, just like any paint dealer. Making a container of stain might take three minutes, whether a quart, gallon or pail. That's it! Once you get the hang of it, it's not that difficult and the creations you can make are truly boundless

Two Coatings "bases" and 12 Colorants and Additives for the HERO Machine

All stains are made starting with the NEX Stain Concentrate Base ( learn more at ). Most stain formulas will call for the addition of water to dilute the concentrate, then the HERO machine will add your colors and any additives you specified. Many exterior and interior stains and sealers can be made from this base, using with the Coatings Lab colorants and additives.

All paints are made with our Real Oil Wall and Trim Paint Base ( learn more at http://envirolast/illuminare-paint/  ). Once you have selected the chosen color, can size and any additives, the can is filled to the desired level and the colorants and any additives are added by the HERO machine. Just stir, label and go!

A near-endless variety of stains and paints can be created using not only the 8 colorants provided, but also the 4 Envirolast custom coatings additives! These additives are; Beeswax+, Deck Bead+, UV+ and Matting+, which all dispensed with precision from the HERO Coatings Lab. The UV+ is added to make a highly weather resistant exterior alkyd paint for example. The Matting+ can be added by the formula to take the standard semi-gloss to a satin, or eggshell.

Our colorant line uses easy to store quarts of Chroma Flo 897 Red, Yellow and Black Transparent Oxide, Thalo Green and Blue, Burnt Umber, White and Carbon Black. No shaker is needed as our highly dispersed coatings products create an easy stir in capability. 


Here Is Everything You Need To Operate Your Own Envirolast Coatings Lab

- The HERO A110 12 Canister Computer Operated Colorant and Additive    Dispenser using any Win 7/10 computer

- One Starting Keg of Envirolast NEX Stain Base Concentrate

- One Starting Keg of Envirolast Real Oil Wall and Trim Paint

- One Starter Colorant and Additive Pack Containing The Following-

     - Beeswax+ Quart (Envirolast)

     - Deck Bead+ Quart (Envirolast)

     - UV+ Quart (Envirolast)

     - Matting+ Quart (Envirolast)

     - Yellow Oxide Transparent Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Red Oxide Transparent Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Black Oxide Transparent Quart (Dystar)

     - Burnt Umber Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Thalo Blue Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Thalo Green Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Carbon Black Quart (Chroma Flo)

     - Titanium White Quart (Chroma Flo)




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