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Wood Stains

Why Envirolast Tribrid Concentrate?

At Envirolast Coatings we've created a complete product “system” that allows the builder/contractor to create their own highest quality stain and sealer products right in their shop, or at the job site. The easy stir in colorants and excellent long term storage stability of the concentrate allows for fast creation of any number of colors, dilutions or quantities desired. You see we aren't just coatings makers, our team all have hands on experience in the world of wood cleaning, sanding and staining of wood homes, decks and wood working projects for many years. Our product development process includes world renown European chemists, but our ideas are always tested in real world applications by our team. An example of this is our new Beeswax+ additive, bringing an old world tradition into our creative, easily customized product system.

What is Tribrid Technology and how is it a game changer?

Envirolast Tribrid Concentrate ™ is based on a core resin molecule consisting of a linseed-acrylic-urethane structure, which finds the sweet spot between each of these technologies. It starts with a great oil/alkyd look, with easy spray application (or brush or roll) and features an ultra fast re-coat time. The acrylic urethane structure offers film clarity, flexibility, with toughness and aggressive adhesion. By adjusting the alkyd content in our unique formula, not only is a beautifying, grain enhancing look achieved, but stripping is possible with alkali cleaners. The technology is also very appropriate for concrete and masonry offering a light “wet look” to any project.

Is the “concentrate” really a money saver?

We have calculated thousands of miles saved in travel and hundreds of hours saved every season, by making a variety of custom colored stains and sealers right at the job site. Color control at the project site can be a real empowering experience. We also note we can ship product world wide for half the cost of standard comparable products.

How easy is application and what are the various suggested dilutions all about?

A quality versatile stain product must apply easily, look fantastic and allow for lighter coatings or heavier varnish like finishes by spray application. Envirolast Tribrid Concentrate contains state of the art additives which allow amazing “oil like” spray and bush characteristics. Our workhorse contractor dilution is our Spray Pro UV ™, a 50-50 dilution of Concentrate to tap water. This is the “time is money” contractor mix, two coats as fast as you can move your ladders and enjoy “a stand back and say wow” look when you are done. Further diluting into our Stain and Seal UV ™ 40/60 dilution or Deck Sealer UV ™ 25/75, provide a variety of levels of finish and application techniques. For example, a wiping stain might be made with a higher dilution mix and a clear top coat with the Spray Pro UV, the versatility of the technology allows for endless creative finishes, from rich toned stains to pure clear top coats, both interior and exterior. Create your own products and techniques and send us your creations!

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