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Envirolast XT2 Log Varnish 5 Gallon

Envirolast XT2 Log Varnish is a beautiful wood stain and sealer that preserves and protects expensive wood projects. Envirolast XT2 is a Zero VOC, green product that has low odor and can be cleaned up with soap and water.

Envirolast XT2 Log Varnish 5 Gallon Pail


Similar to our clear XT2 Wood Stain and Seal, Envirolast XT2 Log Varnish is blended with 30% solids, which allows a heavier brush or spray-on film. Use Envirolast Log Varnish for a faster build on logs or fascias while still getting all the benefits of flexibility and durability of the XT2 technology. Combine with one of six different Envirolast Colorants for superior UV protection and beautiful grain enhancement. Each gallon covers 200-300 sq. ft., depending upon wood grain and porosity.

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water based oil/acrylic/urethane soap water cleanup
zero VOC zero air pollutants
zero carcinogen no known carcinogen or toxics
"core shell" technology fast water resistance, low temp okay, quick re-coat
transparent oxide colorants beautiful grain highlights, great UV durability
nano sized particle great penetration, use as wiping stain for any project
storage stable stores for years, freeze thaw stable, stir and go
very mild odor replace deck chair and BBQ next day

Natural cedar  


Red cedar 






Tarnished gold  

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Rustica Brown