What makes Envirolast Stain and Seal a quality wood coating?

Envirolast Stain and Seal is based on a state of the art water based resin system, a so-called “Tribrid” system. This tribrid blends the best of acrylic, urethane and linseed oil alkyds, all on one molecule. This technology allows Envirolast to apply easily, dry very quickly (even in cold temps) and look great for years to come. We don’t stop with just a great resin system. Our stain also features our own unique tested touches such as a state of the art clear UV inhibitor and even a dash of beeswax to make sure it keeps up a water bead over time. The result is an easy to use, water cleanup, low odor stain which creates a beautiful architectural showpiece of any wood surface, deck or home.

How often do I need to re-coat my house or deck with Envirolast?

How any coating wears (fails) depends on the coating itself, the substrate it is on and the exposure it faces on a daily basis. One very big advantage of our partially acrylic/urethane, alkyd stain, is the resistance of the stain to darken, as many purely alkyd stains do. This means you can expect many years of wear on shadier exposures, leaving the majority of maintenance to be expected on sun facing sides of a home. Constant sun and water are brutal on any exposure as the combination even will wear rock down over time. Most homeowners should expect to inspect on sun facing exposures every few years, while a properly prepared and applied Envirolast siding stain may last as much as five seasons even on harsh sun facing exposures.

How do we get Envirolast for our home?

Envirolast Stain and Seal is distributed through our dealer network Nationwide. Dealers are typically contractors who have trained in our wood cleaning and prepping methods, allowing homeowners to not just receive the very best wood stain coating, but have it applied by professionals who know how to restore your wood home or decks before protecting it with Envirolast. If we don't have a dealer in your area, you may purchase product direct for UPS/Fedex shipment at envirolastcoatings.com.

Is Envirolast very expensive compared to other wood stain products?

No! Envirolast is shipped to our dealers in a concentrate form, saving on shipping water costs. While our stain is made of the very best additives we can find Globally, our distribution allows us to keep our product cost in line with “off the shelf” competition, which rarely competes with us as far as technology and testing. We keep our value proposition extremely high, especially when you factor in the knowledge we pass along to our dealers after 25 years in the premiere Lake Tahoe home market.

How do I get a quote from an Envirolast Dealer?

Just use our “locate a dealer” map and contact them for a free evaluation and estimate.