Beeswax+ Additive For Envirolast Tribrid Stains – 10 oz


This is our stir in Beeswax additive for Envirolast Tribrid Stains. Use interior or exterior for all fine finish work with a beautiful natural beeswax look and feel. This 10 ounce bottle is marked so you can easily add 1 to 3 ounces per 1 gallon of our Tribrid Stain and Seal (15% solids formula), or the full 10 ounce bottle to a 5 gallon Tribrid Stain and Seal mix.

Brush or wipe on stain tinted or clear. Porous woods such as Pine and Cedar may require as much as 5 coats to build a heavy buffable finish. Allow final coat to cure for 2 weeks prior to doing a final buffing with wet terry rag or even light machine buffing to a natural, beautiful finish. This finish is suitable for wood flooring.