Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate Limited Product Warranty

Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate Technology Limited Product Replacement Warranty

This product replacement warranty is limited to replacement of failed product on the following applications; clean and sound wood decking, or other horizontal weather exposed wood surfaces for up to 3 years and on siding, fencing or other vertical exposed wood surfaces for up to 7 years.
This warranty covers product replacement of purchased Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate stain coating which has failed in one or more of these manners; coating is checking or peeling, coating has faded due to erosive UV, and/or general weathering, or coating has shows mold or mildew in the wood or inside the coating itself. It does not covered mold/mildew growing on the surface of the coating.
This does not cover applications such as marine use, interior finish, flooring, stone or masonry, concrete, which may or may not be suitable for NEX coating, but is not covered by this limited warranty.
This is a product replacement warranty and it does not cover or include the cost of labor required to replace or amend failed coating. A contractor may on their own provide a labor warranty in addition to this warranty.
In order to qualify for a product replacement warranty of Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate Wood Stain products, the following terms and conditions must be met by the purchaser.
The contractor or homeowner must properly prepare wood decking or siding by thorough cleaning or sanding of any previous coating on the wood surface and it be free from; dirt, oil, grease, prior to staining with Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate Wood Stain technology.
  1. The wood must be clean, dry and ready to allow a penetrating wood stain to adhere to it's surface.
  2. The contractor or homeowner who does the application must take photos of the prepared surface prior to staining at with Wood Stain and Seal+ Concentrate Wood stain and email at least one image to [email protected] for recording of project details by Envirolast Coatings.
  3. No less than 2 full flood coats of stain shall have been brushed, rolled or sprayed onto any decking and no less than 3 full flood coats onto any vertical sun facing siding.
In order to exercise your right to a product replacement warranty, photos must be submitted which show that the project was prepared properly and the Envirolast applied in sufficient quantity, then also document any premature failure due to erosion from either UV exposure, moisture, or both. Any failure due to scratching by furniture, snow shoveling, snow plows, wax dripping, solvents or gas fuels dripping onto wood, etc.. Is not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is “product replacement” only warranty, which covers replacement of product and but not any labor required to reapply or “fix” any premature wear to the coating. Product will be replaced to allow for 2 coats of coverage on walls or deck surfaces which shows approved failure, not an entire building and project. If one of a building has failed and the three sides are still in acceptable condition, enough product will be replaced to recoat that one side, not the entire building.
Please allow 2 weeks for submitted warranty claims to be approved and product shipped to warranty claimant.